Curtain & Drapery Installation

After you have chosen your new blinds or shutters, adding curtains or drapery may be that finishing touch you are seeking.

Depending on the style of window treatments you have chosen, installing curtain rods or drapery hardware can provide a bold statement or subtle accent to your windows and add clean lines to a room.

No matter what curtain and drapery style you select, you can count on the team at The Shutter Guy to install those rods and curtains for you.

Curtain and Drapery Rod Selection

We suggest that before you install your drapery rods, you select your curtains or drapery before choosing the rods. The style of drapery may influence the type of rod best suited for your drapes as well which style will function optimally.  It is also important to know the length of the curtains or drapes as this will influence where the rod will be installed.

Weight is also a factor when choosing curtain rods. The heavier drapery may require a heavier rod, most of which will have a center bracket for stability.

If you need help choosing a type or style or rod or want to learn more about drapery options, contact the team at The Shutter Guy to learn more.

Tips for Curtains and Draperies

Some people are not sure how curtains or drapes should be hung.  Here are some good tips to remember.

  • Windowsill length curtains should reach the bottom of the windowsill
  • Floor length curtains should hang just above the floor
  • Puddled drapery should touch the floor


Installing drapery and curtain rods in your home may seem like an easy project, but why bother? If it sounds too complicated, don’t stress. Contact The Shutter Guy today. We offer professional installation services. Let our team of experts take care of everything.