Custom Blinds

Most people wonder, what is the right blind for my home or business. Blinds have unlimited options.  From vertical to horizontal; wood, wood alternative, aluminum, woven or fabric.  The choices are endless. So how do you decide? 

Your decision is best made in first understanding the difference between the 2 main types of blinds.  The Shutter Guy will help you with that decision.  We will discuss the pros and cons of each material and help you decide which works best for your home or office space.

Vertical Blinds can be used for all windows types and can lend themselves to specific applications.  Vertical blinds can also open from the center out if that fits the design and window or they can open from either side of the window, as is most common. Vertical Blinds come in a wide selection of patterns, colors, and even fabrics.  Vertical Blinds provide the individual control of how much light enters the room. They also function as a room darkener and will blackout about 97% of light.  Vertical Blinds are most commonly found on a sliding glass door but are made to work on almost any window opening.

Horizontal Blinds come in varying sizes including 2 1/2”, 2” blinds, and 1” mini-blinds.  Available finishes are wood or faux wood, with many different colors and 2 different textures.  For convenience and ease you also have the option to select a remote to tilt the 2” blinds or just do manually.   In addition, we offer a cordless lift and lock feature which is the best choice for the safety for young children.

The Shutter Guy will handle all of the details for your next Blind order and installation.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

2″ Horizontal Blind Color Options

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