Custom Cellular Shades

The Shutter Guy St. Pete specializes in installing Cellular Shades. Cellular shades are window coverings which block or filter light, while insulating your windows, hence saving energy. The simple design of cellular shades combined with their insulating ability, make them an ideal choice for any room.
The size of the cellular shades can vary, and the patented single and double honeycomb shape of create a barrier by holding trapped air between the surface of your rooms’ window and the room itself. They block drafts and help keep rooms cool in the hot Florida summers and warmer when the temperatures drop. These shades are also constructed of soft paper or even cloth-like materials, bringing a subtle transformation to your room that traditional hard materials may not achieve.
Cellular shades vary in color and the opacity level which contributes to energy efficiency being a major benefit. At the Shutter Guy, we help you seek the best option for bringing in more or less light to your room. If you are looking to maintain brightness in your room, you may choose a lighter color or lighter opacity level for your cellular shade. For bedrooms you may choose a darker shade or one with a heavier light filtering or even blackout shades so that you may sleep longer.
Did you know that windows and doors make up for approximately one-third of a home’s total thermal loss? This means loss of heat in the winter and undesired heat in hot Florida summers. Let the Shutter Guy St. Pete help you choose the best cellular shade option for your home.
If you believe cellular shades might be your next choice for window treatments, contact The Shutter Guy St. Pete today for your complimentary consultation.

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