The Shutter Guy – Our Process

People often ask us about the process of or timeline of consultation to installation. From the time that you contact us, to the time that we complete the job; Here is an overview of the 6 step process.

Initial Contact- We establish with the client which product might be best. 

We make an appointment.

When “The Shutter Guy” arrives, he will have with him samples of color and styles for you to pick from.  He will carefully measure the windows you wish to have treatments and discuss with you exactly what you are looking to accomplish.  The Shutter Guy will then make recommendations and suggestions as you peruse through the selections he has.  You are of, course, free to discard or embrace any of them.

The Shutter Guy will provide you an estimate including installation.  When you have agreed to accept our services, you will make a deposit payment and we will order your selection at our local supplier.

About 4 weeks later, when your selection arrives, we will make an appointment with you for the installation.

Upon installation, we will make all the necessary adjustments ensuring proper installation and beauty.  Once everything is complete, we ask you to inspect and approve the finished results and pay the balance due.